Best Pizzelle Maker of 2017? 3 Reasons to Check Out the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Pro!  

Interested in finding the best pizzelle maker of 2017? Quickly continue to read to find out why we picked the Chef’s Choice 834 as the official best pizzelle maker! Here we will dive into the three main reasons that make this appliance so popular, explain what it means for the user experience and also where to find the best deals.

Best Pizzelle Maker 2017

Best Pizzelle Maker 2017

If you are looking for full overview, check out our review of the Chefs Choice Pizzelle Maker. There we covered all features of this iron to get the complete picture of this product. In case you want to read customer reviews of other people who walked this path before you, check out the product page over at You will be astonished by the amount of enthusiastic, praiseful reviews.

Continue reading and quickly discover why this is the best pizzelle maker including the main three reasons and our final verdict.

The 3 main reasons to pick the Chef’s Choice Pizzelle Maker 834:

The combination of the following three reasons make this appliance officially the best pizzelle iron.

Best value

When researching the Chefs Choice Pizzelle Maker, it quickly became obvious why this is the best choice. It is the value for money. The cookie iron can be compared to one of the high end options such as this villaware pizzelle maker prego. But the great thing is the price, which is only a fraction of what you pay for a high end iron. The value and quality you get can be witnessed in all aspects, for example the heating system and the innovative locking latch. The examples mentioned are illustrated below.

Heating system

First and foremost, the heating system. The system used by Chef’s Choice is extremely based on time efficiency. Within a few minutes the baking plates are completely heated through. A light is included to indicate when you can start using the iron. This is quite important to know, as your pizzelles only need a few seconds in the best pizzelle maker. If the iron is not heated completely, you can forget about making crispy pizzelles. Therefore, our number 1 tip is to make sure to completely pre-heat the iron. This baker can for sure help you to never forget that again.

The innovative latch

Whereas other pizzelle makers have a simple clasp to close the baking plates securely, this iron has a completely integrated latch. Meaning they spent time thinking about the best placement and implementation of the latch. And the results pay off, because you can now bake pizzelles single-handed! When closing the lid, the latch automatically secures tightly. Therefore the extra step of fastening the clasp around the handles is eliminated. When you want to open the lid, you gently press underneath, at the base of the handle to open the lock and remove your Italian cookies.

Check it out here for customer reviews and the current deals you get.

Traditional pizzelles

Next is the final product, the Italian pizzelles the best pizzelle maker creates. Some people enjoy soft and chewy versions of this cookie, however traditionally pizzelles are meant to be thin and crispy. And the majority of the people seem to still like them that way. For them this is one of the best pizzelle makers to go for, as it creates these cookies as you would expect an Italian grandmother to do!

Other irons that create thin and crispy pizzelles are those manufactured by VillaWare and CucinaPo. Check out our top Villaware pizzelle irons and CucinaPro pizzelle irons buyer’s guides.



The cookies are a little less than 5 inches, which is a regular size for a pizzelle. Which means you can use them to make cannoli, cones or maybe even little edible bowls. These bowls you can for example use to serve ice cream, which makes a complete different experience to easing ice cream from a cone. Maybe something you want to keep in mind when planning for your next dinner party?

In order to keep the pizzelles crispy as long as possible, cool them on a wire rack, and not on the countertop. This way air will flow all around the cookie whilst cooling. When they are room temperature, you should store them in an air tight container. Since at this stage, you actually don’t want air mingling with your cookies as that will make them soft.

For more tips and tricks check out our Pizzelle FAQ, here we will for example cover questions such as: how to store pizzelles and what is the right pizzelle pronunciation.

Best baking experience

Now onto the baking experience provided by the Chef’s Choice 834. According to us, the best pizzelle maker should not give you any extra trouble whilst baking the italian cookies. Several factors make the baking experience of this iron very pleasant, the main factors are:

Baking time

As mentioned earlier in this article, this Chef’s Choice best pizzelle maker is designed to quickly preheat. What we haven’t mentioned yet, but which is very important to this iron: the baking time. This iron is able to create pizzelles within 20 seconds when completely heated.  So whenever you have to bake hundreds of these Italian cookies for a Christmas party, you will not even think twice before grabbing this amazing iron over another. This is a major reason we selected this appliance as the best pizzelle maker of 2017.

Temperature regulation

Besides the quick baking time, temperature regulations will also speed up the whole baking process. As you lose heat during the removal of cookies and scooping on new batter, not all your pizzelles might require the same amount of time. Since sometimes you are quick, then your next cookies might need a few seconds less than normal. And other times you are slow, which means losing more heat and requiring a few seconds more to bake until golden brown. This iron includes a well implemented temperature regulation system which keeps this iron at and almost constant level, even when opening the pizzelle maker. This means all your cookies will need the same amount of time. This makes the baking experience even better and less stressful, as you won’t have to keep checking whether the cookies are already done or not.

Recap of the best pizzelle maker: Chef’s Choice 834

After researching the top pizzelle makers, the Chefs Choice 834 turned out to be the best pizzelle maker of 2017. This iron has the complete package, it’s made of high quality and innovative parts, it creates amazing, traditional pizzelles and it offers a great baking experience to you and your family. And considering what you get, you can pick one up for a bargain! For the best price and possible deals, check out the product over at For more amazing pizzelle makers, check out our best pizzelle presses of 2017 article.

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