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What is a pizzelle?



A pizzelle is a thin, round cookie that originates from central Italy. Regarding the looks and how this cookie is made, it can be compared to a little waffle. There are several types. Some people prefer them soft, but the majority of the pizzelles are thin and crispy. Pizzelles can also be shaped into cones or cannoli using rolling barrels and filled with any cream. Traditionally the cookies have a snowflake pattern pressed intro them during baking.

The main ingredients are flour, butter or oil, sugar, eggs and some kind of flavour addition such as anise, vanilla, lemon or chocolate.

Christmas and Easter are periods where many people make these cookies. They are also very popular treats to serve at Italian weddings.

Where do pizzelles come from?

Pizzelles come from central Italy, from a place called Ortona. The cookies got their name based on their characteristics. Since in Italian pizze means thin and round. When the cookie was first created is unknown, but it is almost certain to be one of the oldest cookies in history.

What is a pizzelle iron?

In short, a pizzelle iron is a kitchen appliances that enables you to make the italian cookies. It is otherwise known as a pizzelle maker. There are two types of irons: stovetop and electric irons.

Traditionally, the cookies are made in a stovetop pizzelle maker. The picture below shows one of them. You have to place the batter in the iron, close it and then hold the iron over the heat in order to bake it.

Stovetop pizzelle maker

Stovetop iron

Nowadays there are electric makers on the market. That makes live a lot easier. It looks similar to a waffle iron, but does not have very deep grooves and it presses a snowflake pattern in the Italian cookies. Most electric types allow you to make two, or more, cookies at a time.

VillaWare Pizzelle Baker

VillaWare Iron

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How to make pizzelles?

In order to make pizzelles you will need a pizzelle maker, batter and utensils such as a spoon and spatula. The spoon you will need to drop the batter on the baking plates and the spatula is recommended to safely remove the cookies.

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Heat your iron and drop small scoops of your batter on the baking plates. Close the lid and secure the clasp so the lid stays closed tightly. After approximately 30-40 seconds or when steam starts escaping you can open the lid. (Note: watch out for escaping steam near your hands when you open the lid!) Check if the cookies are done and remove them to a cooling rack. The cookies will harden whilst they cool.

Some pizzelle makers have safety guards at the front to protect your hands from the steam. Good examples are the regular cucinapro pizzelle maker and this mini pizzelle maker also made by cucinapro. Click on the links to read our reviews.

How to make pizzelles crisp?

Making crisp pizzelles and keeping them crisp is not hard under the right circumstances. However, with high humidity, the cookies quickly become soft. Here are some tips to prevent this from happening:

  1. Bake the cookies a few seconds longer. This creates a better barrier for the moisture in the air.
  2. Omit baking powder as flat cookies have less room from moisture than puffed pizzelles.
  3. Cool the cookies on a wire rack.

If these tips did not help you might want to try another pizzelle recipe to see whether that solves the problem.

How to store pizzelles to keep them crisp?

There are two main guidelines to keep your pizzelles crisp. The first is to keep them away from soft food items. It is best to keep them in an air-tight container to keep moisture away. The second guideline is to place the cooled cookies in a freezer bag and freeze them. This way they will not get soggy and you can pull one out when you feel like it.

What to do when pizzelles turned soft?

Make the cookies crisp again by placing them in the oven (350F) for a minute or two to evaporate the moisture.

Best italian pizzelle recipe

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How long do you cook a pizzelle?

The cooking time depends on the iron and the recipe you use. Some only take 20-30 seconds to bake, but more common is 30-40 seconds.

The iron with the record baking time is the Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker which only needs 20 seconds. At second place comes this Villaware pizzelle maker.

Can pizzelle cookies be frozen?

Yes you can freeze the pizzelles to keep them crisp and to prolong the shelf life. Place them in an freezer bag, remove all the air and freeze them. Make sure you act gently, these cookies can break easily.

Where can I buy a pizzelle maker?

Where to buy a pizzelle maker? There are many stores that sell them. If you decide to buy one online I suggest checking out the irons list on their site. You will be certain to get the real appliance then.

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How to make pizzelles without an iron?

I have not found a way to make these cookies without an iron. Some people suggest placing the batter between two hot surfaces. I however have not tested that technique.

How many calories are in a homemade pizzelle?

There are approximately 60 – 80 calories, or pizzelle calories as I like to call them, in one cookie. This might differ depending on your recipe.

How to: pizzelle pronunciation

People often ask: ‘How do you pronounce pizzelle?’ The right way to pronounce it is ‘pit-sell’.

Note: This how I was taught to pronounce it, but I am not Italian. So if I have it wrong please leave your suggestion in the comments.

Source: wikipedia

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