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VillaWare Pizzelle Maker Review – V3600-NS Prego Nonstick – Best Pizzelle Makers

In this review we will cover the VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker. This is one of the best pizzelle iron in this price range and it provides a good value for money.

VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker


This appliance scores high on ease of use and product quality. Moreover, this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker works intuitively and the resulting cookies are exactly as they should be: thin and crispy. It will likely come as no surprise that this appliance can be found in our top 5 selected pizzelle makers.

However, this appliance has some cons. Continue reading to find out about all of them.

NOTE: In case time is of the essence or you already made up your mind and decided to buy this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker, go to its product page on Amazon.com. The product page provides a quick overview of this appliance with short customer opinions and ratings. We recommend you buy your iron from Amazon.com. Not only deals it with the product’s official manufacturer, it also provides a fast and reliable delivery.

You can check out this VillaWare Iron at Amazon.com for a quick overview.

Let’s begin with our review:

VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker Review

Thin and Crispy Cookies? Yes please!

The VillaWare Cookie Iron makes what we would call regular pizzelles. The resulting cookies have a normal shape. They are thin and crispy. They are decorated with a floral pattern. They have an appropriate size for making cannoli, cones or bowls.

When baking your cookies, you should use one heaped teaspoon of batter. If you use more you will most likely experience overflowing batter and malformed cookies.

Con – Gaps in the pizzelle:

Reaching the edges of the cookie mold does not always happen when using this appliance. This depends partially on the recipe used. In case this does happen when using your recipe, you might want to try a recipe that results in a more liquid batter.

2 cookies every 30 seconds

Where your old, traditional pizzelle maker might bake your italian treats in under 30 second. The modern electric pizzelle makers take a little more time. This particular VillaWare pizzelle maker gives you 2 cookies every 30 seconds. However, that is if you like your cookies pale, not golden brown. It takes 40 up to 45 seconds to make them golden brown, depending on your preference.

Compared to others this electric VillaWare pizzelle maker requires a standard baking time.

Our top choice iron beats this as it bakes two cookies in 20 to 25 seconds. It is therefore comparable with the more traditional irons. For more information about this Chef’s Choice 834 iron, read our full review.

No need to grease the baking plates:

The baking plates are coated with a xylan non-stick coating. The quality of the coating is normal and should last you a long time with normal use. The added coating makes seasoning the VillaWare pizzelle maker before baking an unnecessary step.

Note: Make sure not to use any metal utensils on the baking plates, even when you’re being very careful. Once the coating is scratched, the ease of use will go downhill very quickly. Instead, try to use wooden or silicone utensils to remove the utensils.

What about the heating system?

The heating system of the VillaWare pizzelle maker is excellent. Plug in your machine and in 5 to 6 minutes the baking plates are hot and you can start baking. Once handy feature of this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker is the indicator light. It indicates when the baking plates are heated up. Unfortunately, it does not contain a timer or an indicator light for when the cookies are ready.

Continuing with the heating system, the baking plates keep at a constant temperature. This ensures that each cookie bakes evenly, at the same constant temperature.

But safety first:

Just like the CucinaPro irons (CucinaPro 220-05NS and Piccolo CucinaPro), the VillaWare Pizzelle Maker v3600 has steam guards. The guards are located at the front of the VillaWare pizzelle maker and protect your hands from the escaping steam. The guards direct the steam to the sides of the iron instead of the front where you open the handles.

Another bonus is the cable winder attached. You can use this to keep the cable in place when you’re not using the VillaWare pizzelle maker. This, in combination with the upright storage feature, makes this appliance easy to store.

Is it fool proof?

The VillaWare pizzelle maker included many features to make baking cookies with this machine an easy and enjoyable task. These are the non-stick coating, the indicator light, the safety provided by the steam guards and the constant temperature.

These factors make it a more fool-proof appliance. Even the first time using this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker you will end up with evenly baked cookies.

Con – The length of the cord:

For use on the countertop the length of the cord is fine. However, in case you would like to move the appliance to a seating area for example, this cord will be too short.

Now comes what we all abominate: clean-up.

Before, we mentioned that metal utensils should be avoided to prevent the baking plates from being scratched. Cleaning the baking plates should also be done with care.

Open the lid and let the baking plates cool to room temperature. Once the plates are cooled, use a damp wipe or kitchen towel to clean the baking plates. Everything should come right off. Please try to avoid soap as it is not necessary and, depending on the soap, it might damage the coating.

Let me tell you how easy it is to make pizzelles:

Plug in the VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker and let it preheat until the indicator light switches off. Place 1 heaped teaspoon of the batter on the baking plates and close the lid. Depending on the batter used, you might have off-centered cookies. In that case just adjust the placement of the batter.

Close the lid slowly and secure the latch. Once the steams reduces significantly check the cookies. Use a timer to keep track of the baking time in case it isn’t your first batch.

Once the cookies are done, remove them to a cooling rack and continue with the next batch! Again, make sure not to use metal utensils on the baking plates.

The following video is not of the VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker, but it shows the same baking process.

Some VillaWare v3600-ns Prego Nonstick Pizzelle Baker Features

Below you will find the product features as specified by VillaWare:

  • Makes two 5-inch cookies in 30 seconds
  • Stamps a floral pattern on each cookie
  • Xylan non-stick baking plates
  • Automatic thermostat including a “ready” indicator light
  • Protects your hands with a steam guard
  • Cable winder
  • Includes pizzelle recipes
  • Built in accordance with North American Electrical Standards

The Final Verdict

This VillaWare V3600-NS pizzelle maker is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced cookie bakers. It provides value for money, because of the high quality and the ease of use. The fact that the process this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker requires is so intuitive will ensure a pleasant baking experience.

Customers of this bestselling iron rate this appliance very high.  It does however have some downsides. The cord is quite short. You can easily use the VillaWare V3600-NS pizzelle maker anywhere on the counter, but you cannot move it to the table to sit whilst baking.

Click here to check out the pizzelle maker and customer reviews on Amazon.com…

The downsides make that this is not the best pizzelle maker available. There is one that scores better, which is the Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker. This appliance also scores very high on quality and ease of use, but has less downsides. In the link below you will find my review of the Chef’s Choice 834.

Full Review: Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker.

However, this does not mean you cannot choose the VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker. In the contrary, this iron is a very good choice as the cons mentioned will only be cons under specific circumstances. These are: at the table and with a really thick batter. Therefore, before going for the Chef’s choice 834, ask yourself whether or not these circumstances apply to you. If not, both of them are good options!

Click here to purchase this pizzelle iron on Amazon.com…

Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker Review – Best Mini Pizzelle Maker

Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker

Piccolo CucinaPro Mini Pizzelle Maker

If you are looking for a pizzelle maker that makes mini pizzelles, you might want to consider the Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker. This CucinaPro Pizzelle Iron creates four 3 inch pizzelles at a time. This size is perfect for a cookie. However, if you want to make cones this pizzelle maker is not the right one to buy. If that is the case, we recommend you take a look at our review of the ‘best pizzelle maker’, which is the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker.

In this review we will cover the features of the Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker, the pros and cons encountered and we will provide answers to frequently asked questions.

NOTE: Before we start, you might not be looking for the full review or you might be in a hurry. In that case I recommend you go to the product page on Amazon.com. It will give you a thorough, but quick impression of this pizzelle maker including many customer reviews and a star rating. We recommend you buy your pizzelle maker from Amazon.com. You can be guaranteed that they deal with the official manufacturer. Moreover, Amazon.com provides a fast delivery.

Click here to check out the Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Baker at Amazon.com…



Let’s begin with the review:

Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker Review

In this review we cover all remarkable and good-to-know features of this CucinaPro pizzelle iron. This includes the resulting pizzelles themselves, the quality of the mini pizzelle maker, the ease of use and the cleanup. As we have said many times in other pizzelle maker reviews, we absolutely value ease of use. The experience of baking pizzelle should go as smooth as possible.

Four Cute Mini Pizzelles!

The CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker makes four mini pizzelles at a time. Double the amount of a regular pizzelle maker. Due to the smaller size of the pizzelles, the size of the pizzelle maker is comparable to the size of a regular pizzelle maker. Therefore, storage of the Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker is easy. The resulting pizzelles are approximately 3 inch.

Unforturnately, the size makes rolling the pizzelles into cones quite impractical. However, changing the shape is not necessary as the mini pizzelles are really cute on their own. If you want to take them a step further, you can sandwich 2 together with a bit of custard or something similar in the middle. Other options are to roll them into cannoli or to make little bowls out of your pizzelles. The last option can be achieved by hanging the pizzelle over a small glass or bowl with a rounded base.

Tip: interested in other irons from this brand? Check out our overview of the best CucinaPro pizzelle makers of 2017.

Thin and crispy pizzelles? Yes please!

However, be careful when handling the pizzelles as they are quite thin and fragile. With a little trial and error, you should be fine. Tip: before making the first batch, spray some cooking spray on the baking plates to stop the pizzelle from sticking to the surface. If later on the pizzelles start sticking, spray once again. But that should not be necessary as the baking plates have a non-stick property.

For more tips and tricks, go to the product page on Amazon.com and read the user reviews.

What quality do I get?

When looking at the quality, this Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker scores very well on safety and the latch, but scores less well on heating of the baking plates.

Safety is assured:

This pizzelle maker has steam guards built-in. These steam guards are places at the front of the pizzelle maker, near the latch. The guards prevent the steam from escaping near the handle and therefore also your hands. This will protect you from hurting your or your children’s hands. CucinaPro is one of the few manufacturers who includes this safety feature in their pizzelle makers. Another pizzelle maker manufactured by CucinaPro that has this feature is the CucinaPro 220-05NS non-stick pizzelle maker. Besides CucinaPro, Villaware also created a pizzelle maker with steam guards.

No broken latch ever again with this appliance!

The second high-quality part of this Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker is the latch. The handles are made of a study plastic and the latch consists of a metal clasp, attached to the upper handle. You can move the clasp around the handles once the pizzelle maker is closed to ensure the baking plates are as close together as possible. This ensures you will get thin and crispy pizzelles instead of thick ones.

Unfortunately, the baking itself is not very even with this pizzelle maker. The pizzelles have brown and pale areas, but they should be golden brown all over. The reason is uneven heating of the baking plates. CucinaPro claims this pizzelle maker has extra-thick baking plates that provide even heating distribution. Unfortunately, the heating distribution is not as even as that of other pizzelle makers.

Easy To Use or Experience needed?

The experience of baking pizzelles should be enjoyable and nothing less. Therefore, ease of use is an important factor. This pizzelle maker scores 4 out of 5 stars for ease of use. Several reasons for this are mentioned below.

It takes a while to position the dough so the pizzelles turn out presentable. Precision is needed when placing the dough on the baking plates. Because it is relatively easy to misplace the dough resulting in a malformed pizzelles. So, if you plan to make pizzelles with this iron for Christmas or another special occasion you might want to practice first.

Baking time not so great:

Baking time is longer than with other well-known pizzelle makers. The instructions say approximately 45 seconds. However, sometimes it takes a minute or two to bake the pizzelles. We recommend you take your time the first time you use this mini CucinaPro pizzelle maker. Depending on your recipe you might also experience longer baking times.

But it DOES make 4 at a time..

The longer baking time is however compensated by the fact that this CucinaPro pizzelle maker makes four pizzelles at a time. And to continue on this positive note, the pizzelle maker heats up really quickly and stays at a consistent temperature throughout the whole baking process. Furthermore, the light buit in the Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker indicates whether the temperature is high enough to bake pizzelles. Therefore the guesswork is taken out of the equation. Another pro of the indicator light is that you don’t lose time out of caution.

Creating cute little cones

This pizzelle maker comes with a cone roller. If you are going for mini cones that can hold one teaspoon of filling you can try and make cute little cones out of the freshly baked pizzelles. However, this pizzelle maker is not meant to make normal-sized cones with. For this you will need a regular pizzelle maker such as the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker, which is in our opinion the best pizzelle maker available. This section fall under ease of use as making the mini cones might be a challenge, because it requires a lot of precision and patience.

And the Clean-Up? Quite easy.

The baking plates are non-stick. However, you should use a non-stick cooking spray once before baking the first batch. If you sprayed the baking plates before use, you will experience an easy clean-up. Just use a damp towel to wipe of any excess that is leftover on the baking plates and the pizzelle maker can be stored for next use. In case you would like to use soap, please use a mild soap and afterwards go over the baking plates again with a clean damp towel to remove any excess soap.

How to best use the Piccolo CucinaPro Mini Pizzelle Maker?

This video will show you how to make pizzelles with this pizzelle maker. Followed by how to make cannoli out of the fresh pizzelles.


Q: Can you make cones and cannoli with the pizzelles?

A: You can easily roll them into cannoli. Due to the size of the pizzelles rolling them into cones is not very practical. Firstly because rolling them would be a challenge and secondly because the resulting cones are too small to do anything with.

Q: What is the wattage of this mini pizzelle maker?

A: 750 watts

Q: Does the pizzelle maker have a built-in timer?

A: No, this mini pizzelle maker has no timer. It only has an indicator light for when the baking plates are hot enough to start baking.

Q: Are the baking plates removable?

A: The baking plates of this Piccolo CucinaPro Iron are not removable. However, for clean-up it is not necessary for the plates to be removable. They are very easy to clean with a damp towel.

Q: What is the thickness of the pizzelles?

A: The thickness depends on the recipe you use, but normally around 1/8 inch thick.

Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker Features

These are the product features as mentioned by CucinaPro:

  • Bakes 4 mini pizzelles at a time
  • Pizzelles sized at 3.25 inch
  • Steam guard for safety
  • Extra-thick baking plates for even heat distribution
  • Non-stick grids for easy clean up

The Final Verdict

If you are looking to make small pizzelles, this Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Baker is the best pizzelle maker for you. It creates 3 inch pizzelles that you can easily turn into cannoli. The resulting pizzelles are as they should be: thin and crispy. The clean-up is very little work, as long as you spray the baking plates before use.

All-in-all this mini pizzelle maker is a great option for small pizzelles. That’s why it’s one of our top 5 pizzelle makers. However, if you don’t mind regular-sized pizzelles, we recommend you go for a regular pizzelle maker. The reason is the quality and the ease of use. Some well-known regular pizzelle makers offer a better quality and are easier to use compared to this pizzelle maker. This Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker scores not very well on heat distribution throughout the baking plates. Consequently the mini pizzelles are not evenly golden brown. Instead they are unevenly baked and browned.

Furthermore, as mentioned before, the CucinaPro is not very easy to use. It is certainly not impossible to use, you just need some practice in order to make presentable pizzelles. Especially regarding placement of the pizzelle dough.

Once you get the hang of it, this mini pizzelle maker is very nice to work with. If you would like to buy this Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker, we recommend you buy yours from Amazon.com. You cannot simply trust any webshop. There are many sellers that try to sell you fake product. With amazon.com you are guaranteed that they deal with the official manufacturer of this pizzelle maker. Futhermore, they offer a fast and reliable shipping service.

Click here to check out the Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Iron on Amazon.com…

In case you prefer a regular pizzelle maker, we recommend you check out our review of the best pizzelle maker available… Which is the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker. This pizzelle maker scores better than other regular pizzelle makers, among others on the categories ease of use and quality.

Click here to check out the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker on Amazon.com…

Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake Review – Best Pizzelle Makers


Chef's Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker

Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker

Are you planning to buy a pizzelle maker for yourself or as a present for someone else? This page will provide you an honest review of the Chef’s Choice 834 iron. All aspects are covered to help you make a decision on whether or not this Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker is right for you. We will first cover the features followed by all pros and the single con of this iron.

To honour the name of the website, we will in this review answer the following question: ‘Is the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake the best pizzelle maker available?’

Continue reading to find out!


NOTE: A tip for if you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to read the full review. Go to the product page on Amazon.com. It will give you a quick overview of this iron including compact customer reviews and a star rating. We recommend you buy your pizzelle maker from Amazon.com. Not only deals it with the product’s official manufacturer, it also provides a fast and reliable delivery.

You can check out the Chef’s Choice 834 at Amazon.com for a quick overview.

Let’s start with the review:

Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker Review

Baking pizzelles should be enjoyable in our opinion. There should be as little frustration as possible in the process. Therefore we really look at the ease of use when reviewing irons. In this section we will cover the baking time, the resulting cookies, the quality and the cleanup. All categories are addressed with the ease of use kept in mind.

Afterward we will explain to you the only flaw we saw in this Chef’s Choice pizzelle maker. Fortunately it is a flaw that will be negligible when you practice making pizzelles with this baker.


Let’s dive into the review:

It Takes Only 20 Seconds of Your Time!

The attribute that deserves to be mentioned first is the baking time cookies require in this pizzelle maker. Within no time this pizzelle maker is able to give you golden brown and crispy Italian treats. The manufacturer EdgeCraft itself is very modest about the baking time. This iron bakes your cookies within the record time of 20 seconds, not the 30 seconds EdgeCraft mentioned! Baking cookies does not have to be time consuming. With this Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker you will notice that you will have all your batches of treats ready within no time at all! Two reasons for this are the thickness of the resulting cookies and the quality of the Chef’s Choice pizzelle maker.

Thin and Crispy Pizzelles as Result!

This Chef’s Choice pizzelle maker bakes two cookies at a time as many pizzelle makers on the market do. They have a standard size of 4 3/4-inches and can therefore be made into cannoli. Cannoli are pizzelles rolled up using a dowel and they can be filled with sweetened ricotta cheese among others.

The resulting cookies are thin and crispy, as they should be. This is one of the few irons that creates thin cookies and the only one in this price range! It is a very important factor as the crispiness is one of the best things about this italian cookie, we personally think. Therefore any pizzelle maker creating thin and crispy cookies deserves bonus points.

Very Pretty and Delicate Print

Now the style of these italian treats. As usual, the baking plates press a decorative print in them. One amazing characteristic, that many irons lack, is the perfectly round cookies this iron creates. No need to trim the edges anymore! Keep in mind that in order for your cookies to be perfectly round, you will need to figure out the right amount of batter to use. A somewhat rounded tablespoon of batter should do the trick!

What Quality Do I Get?

This Chef’s Choice pizzelle maker provides more value for money compared to other popular pizzelle makers such as the CucinaPro 220-05NS and the Cuisinart WM-PZ2. The biggest reason is the outstanding quality. In particular the quality of the latch, the baking plates and the temperature recovery feature.

A latch that will not break on you.

Pizzelle makers often have flimsy latches that break easily, even though the latch is one of the key requirements to making thin cookies. Luckily the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker comes with a sturdier latch than other well-known options. This makes the lifespan of this iron much longer compared to the others.

Have You Ever Heard of Baking Cookies Single-Handed?!

Another pro that makes for easy usage is the fact that you can close the latch single-handed. The latch ensures that the baking plates are pressed together to make thin and crispy cookies. Furthermore, the latch ensures that the cookies bake evenly as the heat distribution improves due to the small distance between the baking plates.

Quick to Pre Heat

The heating process of the chef’s choice pizzelle maker is facilitated by an embedded dual coil in both baking plates. This pays off since the time it takes to heat up the pizzelle maker is almost negligible.

To prevent you from baking before the baking plates are heated thoroughly, EdgeCraft included an indicator light. Once the baking plates reach the right temperature, the light will indicate that it is time to bake.

Instant Temperature Recovery? Handy!

Another feature that should be mentioned is the instant temperature recovery this Chef’s Choice pizzelle maker provides. This means very little delay during the baking process caused by opening the pizzelle maker and scooping on cold batter.  Together with the fact that this iron heats up quickly and the cookies only need 20 seconds to bake, you will find that you are finished baking in no time!

Last but not least, the baking plates. The plates are made of cast aluminium, which is often used in cookware. This is one of the reasons the baking plates heat quickly. On top of the aluminium is a non-stick coating that ensures easy release of cookies without anything sticking.

Cleanup is a Breeze!

Similar to other pizzelle makers with non-stick baking plates, this one is easy to clean. As mentioned before, nothing sticks to the baking plates. Therefore no rubbing is required to get them clean. Use a damp towel and simply wipe over the baking plates to clean them. In case you want to use soap we recommend you use a mild soap and that you use a damp towel to remove any excess soap from the plates.

A Single Con

This Chef’s Choice pizzelle maker has one con and that is the lack of temperature regulation. The user cannot switch to another temperature setting. This can be tricky in the beginning as the standard temperature might be higher than what you are used to. However, after the trial and error period you will certainly get the hang of it. It’s not rocket science after all…


Youtube review of the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker:

Feature list

  • Makes two, 4 3/4 inch cookies in less than 30 seconds
  • Non-stick baking surface
  • Instant temperature recovery
  • Consistent, even heat
  • Locking latch for uniform thickness
  • Perfect for making cannoli
  • Recipes included

The Final Verdict:

As noted above, we really value ease of use when making cookies with a pizzelle maker. In all honesty, this iron scores great in that category! I have not encountered any other pizzelle maker that scores this well. Not only is it extremely easy to clean, it also allows you to close the latch single-handed without much strength needed, it includes a ‘ready-to-start-baking’ indicator light, it further allows you to easily remove the pizzelles from the baking plates without anything sticking and much more.

Fortunately, we can continue on this positive note as the resulting cookies are thin and crispy as they should be. This causes the Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle iron to outshine all other irons in this price range.

The fast baking process, ease of use, resulting cookies together with the other pros mentioned in this review convinced us to call the Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker the best pizzelle maker of this price category. The price category we are talking about is ‘approximately 50 dollar’.

Check out the link below to find the current price and the deals at Amazon.com:


We recommend buying from Amazon.com because of the fast delivery, the best prices and the fact that Amazon.com is a reliable web shop.

Check out the other irons in our top 5 best pizzelle makers list!