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Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic Review

Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic ReviewIn this review we are going to investigate all aspects of the Classic Palmer pizzelle maker. A pizzelle iron, sworn to be the best by many Italian households. This in USA manufactured cookie press is the right choice for you if you are looking for crispy Italian cookies and baking plates that don’t need a chemical non-stick film in order to be non-stick and easily remove the cookies.

If time is of the essence, you can have a quick look at the Classic Palmer Pizzelle Maker over at amazon.com. This page includes product pictures, customer ratings and an overview of the most important features of this press.

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Continue reading our full review of the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic. Here we will tell you all features this press includes, the pros and cons and we will also suggest a place to securely buy this product for the lowest price and with 5 years warranty.

To give you a headstart, here is a list of the product features of this kitchen appliance:

  • Manufactured by Palmer manufacturing in the USA
  • Bakes two thin and crispy 5 inch cookies
  • Baking plates made from cast aluminium
  • 5 year warranty
  • Makes 2 high ridged, extra crispy, cookies in about half the time required by handheld irons.


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Classic Palmer Pizzelle Maker Review:

No chemical non-stick required:

First things first, you probably noticed the absence of a non-stick layer on the plates by looking at the image above. Palmer developed this pizzelle iron with cast aluminium, in such a way that the extra chemical layer is not needed to make the plates non-stick. This enables palmer to keep the design simple, which is very nice when cleaning the iron as there are no little grooves on the sides where batter can get stuck. Not to forget, it also makes the kitchen appliance very stylish and heavy-duty. In fact, the design noticeably increases the life of the palmer pizzelle maker as you don’t need to worry about scratching a non-stock film and indefinitely ruining the smooth baking experience.

Crispy Italian Cookies

Palmer PizzellesAlso when you prefer crispy Italian pizzelles this Palmer iron is the right choice for you. It has grooves that are a little deeper than normal. The batter seeps into the grooves and becomes very crispy. This results in probabily the most crispy cookie you have ever tasted. This is a unique selling point for this Palmer pizzelle maker, as crispiness is essential for you traditional pizzelles. Furthermore, even with these deep grooves, you will still be able to easily remove the cookies without them breaking on you. You don’t even need to season the baking plates before use as long as your pizzelle recipe used on the palmer pizzelle iron contains enough butter or oil.

Constant temperature

The palmer pizzelle iron prevent you from ever burning your cookies. It has a built in thermostat with a maximum temperature that is perfect for baking your cookies. That being said, it has only one temperature setting. However, we found that this iron makes the perfect pizzelles at that temperature. So an added setting is not necessary to say the least. However, if you prefer controlling the temperature, have a look at our Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2 review. This press has 5 browning levels that you can set to your preference.

High quality

As can be expected form a heavy-duty cast aluminium pizzelle press such as this one, effort has been put into making sure all parts are of high quality. For example the clasp. This iron has a metal clasp instead of a (flimsy) plastic clasp that you often see when looking at cookie makers.

If quality is what you’re looking for, we recommend you check out our overview of VillaWare pizzelle irons, which are known for their quality.

Due to Palmer’s choice to use metal, the longevity of the clasp and in turn the Palmer pizzelle maker itself is extended. As without the clasp, you wouldn’t be able to get the cookies as thin as you would probably like them to be. The purpose of the clasp is to tightly close the baking plates and without it you would need to keep it closed yourself as the pressure of escaping steam will try to lift the upper plate.

What other customers say in their product reviews:

Let’s have a look at what others have to say in their Palmer pizzelle iron reviews. This will make the overview complete with opinions of customers who stood for the same choice and decided to buy. Knowing their reasons to purchase this palmer pizzelle maker will hopefully help you make a well-educated decision for yourself. Both the positive and negative aspects will be covered.

First a summary of the customer opinions:

This Palmer pizzelle maker has a stunning 4.3 stars out of 5. And this is based on a customer base of 125 people. It’s safe to say that the customers are more than satisfied with their purchase. Even though it a bit pricier than our first choice Italian cookie iron, it is well worth the money is the overall opinion.

Now an overview of the pros and cons of this product:

Positive aspects:

An overwhelming amount of people mention how easy it is to handle this Palmer pizzelle maker. You have to follow the instructions and pre heat the iron for 15 minutes. Once passed, the baking plates are at their maximum temperature, which is perfect for baking the cookies. Simply drop the batter on the plates, close the lid and clasp and wait for the cookies to be ready.

The fact that this cookie maker doesn’t have and doesn’t need a non-stick layer is another pro. Once the Palmer pizzelle maker is done baking, you can therefore easily remove the cookies and clean-up is also a breeze.

Furthermore, you get a generous warranty of 5 years from Palmer.

Negative aspects:

Some negative aspects were mentioned by customers. One is that the iron is not made in Italy. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. In fact, many Italian owners love it.

Another aspect is the price. This kitchen appliance is a little pricier than similar ones. However, many also mention that it’s worth it for the baking experience it delivers.

Our final verdict:

As you probably noticed by reading the review, this Classic Palmer Pizzelle Iron is well worth the money. It is manufactured with quality kept in mind, with cast aluminium baking plates that heat up to the perfect temperature for baking these Italian cookies. However, if you think the price is too high, we recommend you check out the Chef’s Choice 834 which is in our top 5 pizzelle makers.

This Palmer Classic will give you amazing baking experiences with your family and will last you for years to come!

Where to buy the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic:

The recommended place to buy this pizzelle maker and to find even more information is amazon.com. Here you can also find anise extract, which is a key ingredient in traditional Italian pizzelle recipes.

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