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VillaWare Pizzelle Maker Review – V3600-NS Prego Nonstick – Best Pizzelle Makers

In this review we will cover the VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker. This is one of the best pizzelle iron in this price range and it provides a good value for money.

VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker


This appliance scores high on ease of use and product quality. Moreover, this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker works intuitively and the resulting cookies are exactly as they should be: thin and crispy. It will likely come as no surprise that this appliance can be found in our top 5 selected pizzelle makers.

However, this appliance has some cons. Continue reading to find out about all of them.

NOTE: In case time is of the essence or you already made up your mind and decided to buy this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker, go to its product page on Amazon.com. The product page provides a quick overview of this appliance with short customer opinions and ratings. We recommend you buy your iron from Amazon.com. Not only deals it with the product’s official manufacturer, it also provides a fast and reliable delivery.

You can check out this VillaWare Iron at Amazon.com for a quick overview.

Let’s begin with our review:

VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker Review

Thin and Crispy Cookies? Yes please!

The VillaWare Cookie Iron makes what we would call regular pizzelles. The resulting cookies have a normal shape. They are thin and crispy. They are decorated with a floral pattern. They have an appropriate size for making cannoli, cones or bowls.

When baking your cookies, you should use one heaped teaspoon of batter. If you use more you will most likely experience overflowing batter and malformed cookies.

Con – Gaps in the pizzelle:

Reaching the edges of the cookie mold does not always happen when using this appliance. This depends partially on the recipe used. In case this does happen when using your recipe, you might want to try a recipe that results in a more liquid batter.

2 cookies every 30 seconds

Where your old, traditional pizzelle maker might bake your italian treats in under 30 second. The modern electric pizzelle makers take a little more time. This particular VillaWare pizzelle maker gives you 2 cookies every 30 seconds. However, that is if you like your cookies pale, not golden brown. It takes 40 up to 45 seconds to make them golden brown, depending on your preference.

Compared to others this electric VillaWare pizzelle maker requires a standard baking time.

Our top choice iron beats this as it bakes two cookies in 20 to 25 seconds. It is therefore comparable with the more traditional irons. For more information about this Chef’s Choice 834 iron, read our full review.

No need to grease the baking plates:

The baking plates are coated with a xylan non-stick coating. The quality of the coating is normal and should last you a long time with normal use. The added coating makes seasoning the VillaWare pizzelle maker before baking an unnecessary step.

Note: Make sure not to use any metal utensils on the baking plates, even when you’re being very careful. Once the coating is scratched, the ease of use will go downhill very quickly. Instead, try to use wooden or silicone utensils to remove the utensils.

What about the heating system?

The heating system of the VillaWare pizzelle maker is excellent. Plug in your machine and in 5 to 6 minutes the baking plates are hot and you can start baking. Once handy feature of this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker is the indicator light. It indicates when the baking plates are heated up. Unfortunately, it does not contain a timer or an indicator light for when the cookies are ready.

Continuing with the heating system, the baking plates keep at a constant temperature. This ensures that each cookie bakes evenly, at the same constant temperature.

But safety first:

Just like the CucinaPro irons (CucinaPro 220-05NS and Piccolo CucinaPro), the VillaWare Pizzelle Maker v3600 has steam guards. The guards are located at the front of the VillaWare pizzelle maker and protect your hands from the escaping steam. The guards direct the steam to the sides of the iron instead of the front where you open the handles.

Another bonus is the cable winder attached. You can use this to keep the cable in place when you’re not using the VillaWare pizzelle maker. This, in combination with the upright storage feature, makes this appliance easy to store.

Is it fool proof?

The VillaWare pizzelle maker included many features to make baking cookies with this machine an easy and enjoyable task. These are the non-stick coating, the indicator light, the safety provided by the steam guards and the constant temperature.

These factors make it a more fool-proof appliance. Even the first time using this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker you will end up with evenly baked cookies.

Con – The length of the cord:

For use on the countertop the length of the cord is fine. However, in case you would like to move the appliance to a seating area for example, this cord will be too short.

Now comes what we all abominate: clean-up.

Before, we mentioned that metal utensils should be avoided to prevent the baking plates from being scratched. Cleaning the baking plates should also be done with care.

Open the lid and let the baking plates cool to room temperature. Once the plates are cooled, use a damp wipe or kitchen towel to clean the baking plates. Everything should come right off. Please try to avoid soap as it is not necessary and, depending on the soap, it might damage the coating.

Let me tell you how easy it is to make pizzelles:

Plug in the VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker and let it preheat until the indicator light switches off. Place 1 heaped teaspoon of the batter on the baking plates and close the lid. Depending on the batter used, you might have off-centered cookies. In that case just adjust the placement of the batter.

Close the lid slowly and secure the latch. Once the steams reduces significantly check the cookies. Use a timer to keep track of the baking time in case it isn’t your first batch.

Once the cookies are done, remove them to a cooling rack and continue with the next batch! Again, make sure not to use metal utensils on the baking plates.

The following video is not of the VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker, but it shows the same baking process.

Some VillaWare v3600-ns Prego Nonstick Pizzelle Baker Features

Below you will find the product features as specified by VillaWare:

  • Makes two 5-inch cookies in 30 seconds
  • Stamps a floral pattern on each cookie
  • Xylan non-stick baking plates
  • Automatic thermostat including a “ready” indicator light
  • Protects your hands with a steam guard
  • Cable winder
  • Includes pizzelle recipes
  • Built in accordance with North American Electrical Standards

The Final Verdict

This VillaWare V3600-NS pizzelle maker is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced cookie bakers. It provides value for money, because of the high quality and the ease of use. The fact that the process this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker requires is so intuitive will ensure a pleasant baking experience.

Customers of this bestselling iron rate this appliance very high.  It does however have some downsides. The cord is quite short. You can easily use the VillaWare V3600-NS pizzelle maker anywhere on the counter, but you cannot move it to the table to sit whilst baking.

Click here to check out the pizzelle maker and customer reviews on Amazon.com…

The downsides make that this is not the best pizzelle maker available. There is one that scores better, which is the Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker. This appliance also scores very high on quality and ease of use, but has less downsides. In the link below you will find my review of the Chef’s Choice 834.

Full Review: Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker.

However, this does not mean you cannot choose the VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker. In the contrary, this iron is a very good choice as the cons mentioned will only be cons under specific circumstances. These are: at the table and with a really thick batter. Therefore, before going for the Chef’s choice 834, ask yourself whether or not these circumstances apply to you. If not, both of them are good options!

Click here to purchase this pizzelle iron on Amazon.com…

Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2 Review – Best Pizzelle Makers

Cuisinart Pizzelle MakerCuisinart prides itself with creating an appliance that creates the so called ‘perfect Italian cookie’. It’s the Cuisinart WM-PZ2. Can this claim be justified and is this the best pizzelle maker out there? You will find out in this review of the Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2.

Here is a quick sneak peak on how good this iron is. Users of this press seem to completely agree with Cuisinart! The customer opinion of more than 500 customers results in an average of 4,5 out of 5 stars!

Click here to see the PROOF!


NOTE: In case you are in a hurry and are ready to buy the Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Iron  then continue to the product page over at amazon (see link). We advise you to buy the cookie iron from amazon over any other online seller. They will provide a fast delivery and they can be trusted to deliver the official Cuisinart appliance and not a fake.

In this review we will first dive into our review followed by the product specifications, instructions on how to use this pizzelle maker and the final verdict. Look no further, this review covers it all.

Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2 Review

The features of a product will often tell you whether the product matches your needs. To not waste your time, this review starts by listing the features of the baker. This section is followed by the temperature regulation provided by the Cuisinart pizzelle maker including the consistency of the pizzelle maker. You wouldn’t want an unevenly baked cookie, would you?

Next, I will show you how easy it is to use and to clean due to added features and the non-stick baking plates.

Finally, I will cover the two cons I could find. The latch this Cuisinart pizzelle maker comes with and the thickness of the resulting cookies.

For more information check out our comparison of this iron with another popular Cuisinart pizzelle maker that also makes crêpes and pancakes!

Let’s start with the features!

Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker Features

This appliance:

  • Bakes two thin 4-inch pizzelles at a time.
  • Stamps 2 decorative patterns on each pizzelle.
  • Comes with a measuring spoon and a rolling dowel to create cannoli.
  • Contains a locking lid that ensures even browning.
  • And it can be stored upright.

Complete Control with Temperature Regulation

Due to differences in personal preferences, Cuisinart included 5 browning levels. In case you think your pizzelles are not brown enough once the light indicates the pizzelles are done, the solution is as easy as turning the iron a level higher to get the result you want!

The appliance comes with a latch, therefore the baking plates close tightly. This ensures consistent baking as both sides of the Italian cookies completely touch a baking plate.

Furthermore, this iron comes with a ready light. The light indicates when it is hot enough to be used. You do not have to wait long as it heats up quickly!

Extremely Easy and No Hard Work Required:

Cuisinart seems to really have focused on taking all the hard work out for you. There is a light indicating the baker is ready to be used. Once you place the dough on the baking plates and close the lid the light turns off. It’s only a matter of waiting for the light to turn on again and the cookies are done!

Utensils are included

Additionally, the measuring spoon ensures the perfect amount of batter for each of these Italian cookies! This means each treat has to bake the same amount of time. You don’t have to worry about whether or not they need a few seconds more.

In case you really value ease of use I suggest you check out our Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker review. I found this pizzelle iron scores best on all categories, including ease of use.

The cookies are easily removed without breakage.

After baking the cookies you can easily remove them from the baking plates without breaking them. The reason being the non-stick property of the baking plates. Not only does it allow you to easily remove your cookies, it also makes cleanup a dream instead of a nightmare! Simply wipe the baking plates with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel once the Cuisinart pizzelle maker has cooled down.

Note: Make sure not to use harsh soap or too much water to clean the surface. The soap might damage the baking plates. You do not even need to use soap to clean the plates. This I learned of other users on amazon.

Check out the amazon page to read more tips and tricks concerning this pizzelle maker. 

Create cannoli with the included rolling dowel.

When you remove the Italian cookies from the baking plates one option is to let the cookies cool off on a cooling rack. Another option is for you to take it a step further and roll them into cones and cannoli. The rolling dowel comes with this Cuisinart pizzelle maker and is therefore the perfect size to roll the cookies.

Several Cons of the Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker:

Overall this Cuisinart pizzelle maker scores very well. However, I found 2 cons I wanted to share with you.

The Latch is Not Very Sturdy

The first con is the quality of the latch. The latch is made of quite fragile plastic causing is to break if you are not careful. A note to Cuisinart: It would be a great improvement to provide their pizzelle maker with a higher quality latch. The latch is an important aspect of the appliance. Without one the baking plates do not close as tightly. It is not very preferable to press the lid down with a brick or two, is it?

Thick cookies? Only if that is your preference.

The second con is the thickness of the Italian cookies. Personally, I like my pizzelles very thin and crispy. However, this Cuisinart pizzelle maker results in a thicker cookie. Also delicious, but not my preference. I noticed that many people like these Italian cookies to be thin, so this characteristic should be kept in mind when considering this kitchen appliance.

Can I Make a Suggestion?

In case you prefer the thin and crispy cookies, you should consider buying the Chef’s Choice 834 or the CucinaPro 220-05ns. Both pizzelle irons also come with a sturdy, high quality latch.

How to use this Iron?

Follow the instructions given in this video to make perfect Italian cookies with the Cuisinart pizzelle maker.

The Final Verdict

This Cuisinart pizzelle maker is one of the best selling pizzelle irons and I can see why. It is very easy to use and clean. It comes with a measuring spoon to ensure an equal amount of batter for each cookie. Additionally, it comes with a rolling dowel to make cannoli! These are only a few of the pros of this appliance.


Unfortunately, this appliance has some cons. The latch can break if handled roughly. So be careful when opening and closing the pizzelle maker. However, do not let this scare you as many people use this Cuisinart pizzelle maker without any problem. In case you prefer a pizzelle maker with a high quality latch, please check out our review of the Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker.

Something else that is worth mentioning is the thickness of the cookies this Cuisinart pizzelle maker creates. They are slightly thicker than standard pizzelles. In case you rather have the normal styled cookies, please have a look at the pizzelle irons mentioned previously or the CucinaPro 220-05NS Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker.

Overall, I am very positive about this iron and I can absolutely recommend it.

Check out the link below to view and purchase this baker on Amazon.com. You will not be disappointed!




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CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker Review – 220-05NS – Pizzelle Baker

CucinaPro Pizzelle MakerIn this review we are looking at the nonstick CucinaPro pizzelle maker 220-05NS. A cookie iron that has been raved about by many of its users. It is therefore no surprise to see this it in the list of bestselling pizzelle appliances on amazon. Click here to see what genuine users are saying!

A pizzelle iron gives you delicious cookies. These cookies are traditionally served at Christmas and Italian weddings, but there’s no need to wait for the next wedding to come along. You can easily make these delightful treats at home using such a cookie iron!

Now the question that remains: Is this iron the right one to buy? Continue reading to find out! We especially appreciate the safety this baker provided in the form of a steam guard.

NOTE: A tip for if you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to read the full review. Go to the product page on Amazon.com. It will give you a quick overview of this iron including compact customer reviews and a star rating. We recommend you buy your CucinaPro pizzelle maker from Amazon.com. Not only deals it with the product’s official manufacturer, it also provides a fast and reliable delivery.



In this review we will explore this cookie baker by having a look at the features, the specifications and the FAQ.

Let’s start with the review:

Creates Italian Cookies To Be Proud Of:

There is no need to put a lot of effort in making fancy cookies. This iron, manufactured by CucinaPro (site), will do the work for you! With the decorative snowflake pattern this cookie maker stamps on the cookies, you are guaranteed to gain compliments at the next family gathering!

Extra-Thick Baking Plates = Evenly Baked Bookies

However, looks are just the beginning. Taste is another important aspect of these Italian cookies. Nobody likes unevenly baked cookies with burnt bits on one side and almost raw dough on the other side. This baker has got you covered! The extra-thick baking plates ensures an even heat distribution when baking your cookies. Perfectly baked cookies each time!

Tip: To make sure all cookies have an equal thickness, use a small ice cream scoop to transfer the batter to the CucinaPro pizzelle maker. Not only does this method ensure even baking, is it also safer this way.

Safety Comes First:

Speaking of safety, this CucinaPro Pizzelle iron has incorporated a steam guard. The guard directs the steam away from the handles to protect your hands when opening the cookie baker. This feature makes the nonstick CucinaPro pizzelle maker one of the safest option compared to other bestselling bakers.

Other bakers with steam guards are the Piccolo CucinaPro and the VillaWare V3600-NS.

Bakes Two Italian Cookies At The Same Time.

To speed up the baking process, this baker allows you to bake two cookies at once. Who does not like saving time?! Using this iron will save you time baking the cookies and during the clean-up. Due to the non-stick finish you will have no problems whatsoever removing the cookies and cleaning the baking plates. This characteristic is one of the biggest benefits of this baker and is often mentioned in customer reviews.

CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker Features

  • Makes two 5” cookies at a time
  • The steam guard protects your hands
  • Even heat distribution due to the extra-thick baking plates
  • No mess due to the non-stick plates

Pizzelle Iron Specifications

  • Two colours available: black and silver
  • Product dimensions: 10,2 x 10 x 5 inches
  • Product weight: 4,7 pounds
  • Cord length: 36 inches

Tip: Interested to see all Cucinapro irons? Have a look at our listing of the top CucinaPro pizzelle makers.

Frequently asked questions

Does the cookie iron have a light or timer indicating the cookies are done?

Answer: The nonstick CucinaPro pizzelle maker (220-05NS) does not indicate the cookies are ready. It does however have a light built in (see picture) that indicates the baking plates are hot and ready to be used. You can use a separate timer to keep track of the baking time.

How thin are the cookies?

Answer: The cookiesare quite thin, but not fragile. The thickness also depends on which recipe you use.

Are the resulting cookies as crispy as they should be?

Answer: Yes, unlike some non-stick irons, this one results in crispy cookies. This also depends on the recipe you use.

Is this maker and the latch sturdy?

Answer: Yes! The latch is very sturdy and keeps the plates closed tightly. You can use this iron for years to come.

What material are the baking plates made of?

Answer: The baking plates are made of aluminium with a non-stick finish. In case you want to avoid the non-stick finish, the best option is the silver variant of this pizzelle maker: the CucinaPro 220-05P.

The body of the CucinaPro pizzelle maker is made of stainless steel.

Can de baking plates be removed?

Answer: The baking plates cannot be detached.

How should the baking plates be cleaned?

Answer: Let the baker cool and use a damp paper towel to wipe off any crumbs. Do not use soap to clean the baking plates.

Is this the most popular pizzelle maker?

No, but that does not mean that it is a bad product. On the contrary, this iron is almost the best seller and it is ranked better than the Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press. The best selling pizzelle maker is the Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker

How the CucinaPro iron works

To use the pizzelle iron successfully make sure to follow these steps:

Plug the iron in and let it heat up until the light turns green, indicating it is ready to be used. No need to spray the baking plates, just add a small amount of batter and close the lid. Close the latch and wait for the Italian cookies to be done. The baking time depends on the recipe used, but should be between 30 and 40 seconds. Once they are done, remove them from the iron using a spatula. Make sure not to use metal on the baking plates as it might scratch the surface. Place the cookies on a rack to cool or shape the Italian cookies however you like.

The Final Verdict

We recommend this nonstick CucinaPro pizzelle maker. It’s easy to use and requires almost no work to clean. Forget about soggy, unevenly baked cookies. This iron will result in perfectly crisp pizzelles time and time again! Check out the price at Amazon.com. I can already tell you that it’s well worth your money for many years to come!

In case ease of use is your main concern, please have a look at our review of the Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle iron. Overall this is the best pizzelle maker on the market in our opinion. One reason is the ease of use. Other options can be found in our buyer’s guide containing the top 5 pizzelle bakers.

Click here to purchase this pizzelle baker on Amazon.com..