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Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic Review

Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic ReviewIn this review we are going to investigate all aspects of the Classic Palmer pizzelle maker. A pizzelle iron, sworn to be the best by many Italian households. This in USA manufactured cookie press is the right choice for you if you are looking for crispy Italian cookies and baking plates that don’t need a chemical non-stick film in order to be non-stick and easily remove the cookies.

If time is of the essence, you can have a quick look at the Classic Palmer Pizzelle Maker over at amazon.com. This page includes product pictures, customer ratings and an overview of the most important features of this press.

Quick tip: Are you looking for the best pizzelle maker? Then you can’t miss the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake, which is our top choice. It score high on all relevant aspects, from baking experience to cleanup. It is very well put together for a low price.

Continue reading our full review of the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic. Here we will tell you all features this press includes, the pros and cons and we will also suggest a place to securely buy this product for the lowest price and with 5 years warranty.

To give you a headstart, here is a list of the product features of this kitchen appliance:

  • Manufactured by Palmer manufacturing in the USA
  • Bakes two thin and crispy 5 inch cookies
  • Baking plates made from cast aluminium
  • 5 year warranty
  • Makes 2 high ridged, extra crispy, cookies in about half the time required by handheld irons.


Click here to check out this pizzelle maker over at amazon.com..

Classic Palmer Pizzelle Maker Review:

No chemical non-stick required:

First things first, you probably noticed the absence of a non-stick layer on the plates by looking at the image above. Palmer developed this pizzelle iron with cast aluminium, in such a way that the extra chemical layer is not needed to make the plates non-stick. This enables palmer to keep the design simple, which is very nice when cleaning the iron as there are no little grooves on the sides where batter can get stuck. Not to forget, it also makes the kitchen appliance very stylish and heavy-duty. In fact, the design noticeably increases the life of the palmer pizzelle maker as you don’t need to worry about scratching a non-stock film and indefinitely ruining the smooth baking experience.

Crispy Italian Cookies

Palmer PizzellesAlso when you prefer crispy Italian pizzelles this Palmer iron is the right choice for you. It has grooves that are a little deeper than normal. The batter seeps into the grooves and becomes very crispy. This results in probabily the most crispy cookie you have ever tasted. This is a unique selling point for this Palmer pizzelle maker, as crispiness is essential for you traditional pizzelles. Furthermore, even with these deep grooves, you will still be able to easily remove the cookies without them breaking on you. You don’t even need to season the baking plates before use as long as your pizzelle recipe used on the palmer pizzelle iron contains enough butter or oil.

Constant temperature

The palmer pizzelle iron prevent you from ever burning your cookies. It has a built in thermostat with a maximum temperature that is perfect for baking your cookies. That being said, it has only one temperature setting. However, we found that this iron makes the perfect pizzelles at that temperature. So an added setting is not necessary to say the least. However, if you prefer controlling the temperature, have a look at our Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2 review. This press has 5 browning levels that you can set to your preference.

High quality

As can be expected form a heavy-duty cast aluminium pizzelle press such as this one, effort has been put into making sure all parts are of high quality. For example the clasp. This iron has a metal clasp instead of a (flimsy) plastic clasp that you often see when looking at cookie makers.

If quality is what you’re looking for, we recommend you check out our overview of VillaWare pizzelle irons, which are known for their quality.

Due to Palmer’s choice to use metal, the longevity of the clasp and in turn the Palmer pizzelle maker itself is extended. As without the clasp, you wouldn’t be able to get the cookies as thin as you would probably like them to be. The purpose of the clasp is to tightly close the baking plates and without it you would need to keep it closed yourself as the pressure of escaping steam will try to lift the upper plate.

What other customers say in their product reviews:

Let’s have a look at what others have to say in their Palmer pizzelle iron reviews. This will make the overview complete with opinions of customers who stood for the same choice and decided to buy. Knowing their reasons to purchase this palmer pizzelle maker will hopefully help you make a well-educated decision for yourself. Both the positive and negative aspects will be covered.

First a summary of the customer opinions:

This Palmer pizzelle maker has a stunning 4.3 stars out of 5. And this is based on a customer base of 125 people. It’s safe to say that the customers are more than satisfied with their purchase. Even though it a bit pricier than our first choice Italian cookie iron, it is well worth the money is the overall opinion.

Now an overview of the pros and cons of this product:

Positive aspects:

An overwhelming amount of people mention how easy it is to handle this Palmer pizzelle maker. You have to follow the instructions and pre heat the iron for 15 minutes. Once passed, the baking plates are at their maximum temperature, which is perfect for baking the cookies. Simply drop the batter on the plates, close the lid and clasp and wait for the cookies to be ready.

The fact that this cookie maker doesn’t have and doesn’t need a non-stick layer is another pro. Once the Palmer pizzelle maker is done baking, you can therefore easily remove the cookies and clean-up is also a breeze.

Furthermore, you get a generous warranty of 5 years from Palmer.

Negative aspects:

Some negative aspects were mentioned by customers. One is that the iron is not made in Italy. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. In fact, many Italian owners love it.

Another aspect is the price. This kitchen appliance is a little pricier than similar ones. However, many also mention that it’s worth it for the baking experience it delivers.

Our final verdict:

As you probably noticed by reading the review, this Classic Palmer Pizzelle Iron is well worth the money. It is manufactured with quality kept in mind, with cast aluminium baking plates that heat up to the perfect temperature for baking these Italian cookies. However, if you think the price is too high, we recommend you check out the Chef’s Choice 834 which is in our top 5 pizzelle makers.

This Palmer Classic will give you amazing baking experiences with your family and will last you for years to come!

Where to buy the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Classic:

The recommended place to buy this pizzelle maker and to find even more information is amazon.com. Here you can also find anise extract, which is a key ingredient in traditional Italian pizzelle recipes.

Click here to buy the Palmer iron at Amazon.com..


Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker Review – Best Mini Pizzelle Maker

Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker

Piccolo CucinaPro Mini Pizzelle Maker

If you are looking for a pizzelle maker that makes mini pizzelles, you might want to consider the Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker. This CucinaPro Pizzelle Iron creates four 3 inch pizzelles at a time. This size is perfect for a cookie. However, if you want to make cones this pizzelle maker is not the right one to buy. If that is the case, we recommend you take a look at our review of the ‘best pizzelle maker’, which is the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker.

In this review we will cover the features of the Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker, the pros and cons encountered and we will provide answers to frequently asked questions.

NOTE: Before we start, you might not be looking for the full review or you might be in a hurry. In that case I recommend you go to the product page on Amazon.com. It will give you a thorough, but quick impression of this pizzelle maker including many customer reviews and a star rating. We recommend you buy your pizzelle maker from Amazon.com. You can be guaranteed that they deal with the official manufacturer. Moreover, Amazon.com provides a fast delivery.

Click here to check out the Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Baker at Amazon.com…



Let’s begin with the review:

Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker Review

In this review we cover all remarkable and good-to-know features of this CucinaPro pizzelle iron. This includes the resulting pizzelles themselves, the quality of the mini pizzelle maker, the ease of use and the cleanup. As we have said many times in other pizzelle maker reviews, we absolutely value ease of use. The experience of baking pizzelle should go as smooth as possible.

Four Cute Mini Pizzelles!

The CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker makes four mini pizzelles at a time. Double the amount of a regular pizzelle maker. Due to the smaller size of the pizzelles, the size of the pizzelle maker is comparable to the size of a regular pizzelle maker. Therefore, storage of the Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker is easy. The resulting pizzelles are approximately 3 inch.

Unforturnately, the size makes rolling the pizzelles into cones quite impractical. However, changing the shape is not necessary as the mini pizzelles are really cute on their own. If you want to take them a step further, you can sandwich 2 together with a bit of custard or something similar in the middle. Other options are to roll them into cannoli or to make little bowls out of your pizzelles. The last option can be achieved by hanging the pizzelle over a small glass or bowl with a rounded base.

Tip: interested in other irons from this brand? Check out our overview of the best CucinaPro pizzelle makers of 2017.

Thin and crispy pizzelles? Yes please!

However, be careful when handling the pizzelles as they are quite thin and fragile. With a little trial and error, you should be fine. Tip: before making the first batch, spray some cooking spray on the baking plates to stop the pizzelle from sticking to the surface. If later on the pizzelles start sticking, spray once again. But that should not be necessary as the baking plates have a non-stick property.

For more tips and tricks, go to the product page on Amazon.com and read the user reviews.

What quality do I get?

When looking at the quality, this Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker scores very well on safety and the latch, but scores less well on heating of the baking plates.

Safety is assured:

This pizzelle maker has steam guards built-in. These steam guards are places at the front of the pizzelle maker, near the latch. The guards prevent the steam from escaping near the handle and therefore also your hands. This will protect you from hurting your or your children’s hands. CucinaPro is one of the few manufacturers who includes this safety feature in their pizzelle makers. Another pizzelle maker manufactured by CucinaPro that has this feature is the CucinaPro 220-05NS non-stick pizzelle maker. Besides CucinaPro, Villaware also created a pizzelle maker with steam guards.

No broken latch ever again with this appliance!

The second high-quality part of this Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker is the latch. The handles are made of a study plastic and the latch consists of a metal clasp, attached to the upper handle. You can move the clasp around the handles once the pizzelle maker is closed to ensure the baking plates are as close together as possible. This ensures you will get thin and crispy pizzelles instead of thick ones.

Unfortunately, the baking itself is not very even with this pizzelle maker. The pizzelles have brown and pale areas, but they should be golden brown all over. The reason is uneven heating of the baking plates. CucinaPro claims this pizzelle maker has extra-thick baking plates that provide even heating distribution. Unfortunately, the heating distribution is not as even as that of other pizzelle makers.

Easy To Use or Experience needed?

The experience of baking pizzelles should be enjoyable and nothing less. Therefore, ease of use is an important factor. This pizzelle maker scores 4 out of 5 stars for ease of use. Several reasons for this are mentioned below.

It takes a while to position the dough so the pizzelles turn out presentable. Precision is needed when placing the dough on the baking plates. Because it is relatively easy to misplace the dough resulting in a malformed pizzelles. So, if you plan to make pizzelles with this iron for Christmas or another special occasion you might want to practice first.

Baking time not so great:

Baking time is longer than with other well-known pizzelle makers. The instructions say approximately 45 seconds. However, sometimes it takes a minute or two to bake the pizzelles. We recommend you take your time the first time you use this mini CucinaPro pizzelle maker. Depending on your recipe you might also experience longer baking times.

But it DOES make 4 at a time..

The longer baking time is however compensated by the fact that this CucinaPro pizzelle maker makes four pizzelles at a time. And to continue on this positive note, the pizzelle maker heats up really quickly and stays at a consistent temperature throughout the whole baking process. Furthermore, the light buit in the Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker indicates whether the temperature is high enough to bake pizzelles. Therefore the guesswork is taken out of the equation. Another pro of the indicator light is that you don’t lose time out of caution.

Creating cute little cones

This pizzelle maker comes with a cone roller. If you are going for mini cones that can hold one teaspoon of filling you can try and make cute little cones out of the freshly baked pizzelles. However, this pizzelle maker is not meant to make normal-sized cones with. For this you will need a regular pizzelle maker such as the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker, which is in our opinion the best pizzelle maker available. This section fall under ease of use as making the mini cones might be a challenge, because it requires a lot of precision and patience.

And the Clean-Up? Quite easy.

The baking plates are non-stick. However, you should use a non-stick cooking spray once before baking the first batch. If you sprayed the baking plates before use, you will experience an easy clean-up. Just use a damp towel to wipe of any excess that is leftover on the baking plates and the pizzelle maker can be stored for next use. In case you would like to use soap, please use a mild soap and afterwards go over the baking plates again with a clean damp towel to remove any excess soap.

How to best use the Piccolo CucinaPro Mini Pizzelle Maker?

This video will show you how to make pizzelles with this pizzelle maker. Followed by how to make cannoli out of the fresh pizzelles.


Q: Can you make cones and cannoli with the pizzelles?

A: You can easily roll them into cannoli. Due to the size of the pizzelles rolling them into cones is not very practical. Firstly because rolling them would be a challenge and secondly because the resulting cones are too small to do anything with.

Q: What is the wattage of this mini pizzelle maker?

A: 750 watts

Q: Does the pizzelle maker have a built-in timer?

A: No, this mini pizzelle maker has no timer. It only has an indicator light for when the baking plates are hot enough to start baking.

Q: Are the baking plates removable?

A: The baking plates of this Piccolo CucinaPro Iron are not removable. However, for clean-up it is not necessary for the plates to be removable. They are very easy to clean with a damp towel.

Q: What is the thickness of the pizzelles?

A: The thickness depends on the recipe you use, but normally around 1/8 inch thick.

Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker Features

These are the product features as mentioned by CucinaPro:

  • Bakes 4 mini pizzelles at a time
  • Pizzelles sized at 3.25 inch
  • Steam guard for safety
  • Extra-thick baking plates for even heat distribution
  • Non-stick grids for easy clean up

The Final Verdict

If you are looking to make small pizzelles, this Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Baker is the best pizzelle maker for you. It creates 3 inch pizzelles that you can easily turn into cannoli. The resulting pizzelles are as they should be: thin and crispy. The clean-up is very little work, as long as you spray the baking plates before use.

All-in-all this mini pizzelle maker is a great option for small pizzelles. That’s why it’s one of our top 5 pizzelle makers. However, if you don’t mind regular-sized pizzelles, we recommend you go for a regular pizzelle maker. The reason is the quality and the ease of use. Some well-known regular pizzelle makers offer a better quality and are easier to use compared to this pizzelle maker. This Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker scores not very well on heat distribution throughout the baking plates. Consequently the mini pizzelles are not evenly golden brown. Instead they are unevenly baked and browned.

Furthermore, as mentioned before, the CucinaPro is not very easy to use. It is certainly not impossible to use, you just need some practice in order to make presentable pizzelles. Especially regarding placement of the pizzelle dough.

Once you get the hang of it, this mini pizzelle maker is very nice to work with. If you would like to buy this Piccolo CucinaPro pizzelle maker, we recommend you buy yours from Amazon.com. You cannot simply trust any webshop. There are many sellers that try to sell you fake product. With amazon.com you are guaranteed that they deal with the official manufacturer of this pizzelle maker. Futhermore, they offer a fast and reliable shipping service.

Click here to check out the Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Iron on Amazon.com…

In case you prefer a regular pizzelle maker, we recommend you check out our review of the best pizzelle maker available… Which is the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker. This pizzelle maker scores better than other regular pizzelle makers, among others on the categories ease of use and quality.

Click here to check out the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker on Amazon.com…

Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2 Review – Best Pizzelle Makers

Cuisinart Pizzelle MakerCuisinart prides itself with creating an appliance that creates the so called ‘perfect Italian cookie’. It’s the Cuisinart WM-PZ2. Can this claim be justified and is this the best pizzelle maker out there? You will find out in this review of the Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2.

Here is a quick sneak peak on how good this iron is. Users of this press seem to completely agree with Cuisinart! The customer opinion of more than 500 customers results in an average of 4,5 out of 5 stars!

Click here to see the PROOF!


NOTE: In case you are in a hurry and are ready to buy the Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Iron  then continue to the product page over at amazon (see link). We advise you to buy the cookie iron from amazon over any other online seller. They will provide a fast delivery and they can be trusted to deliver the official Cuisinart appliance and not a fake.

In this review we will first dive into our review followed by the product specifications, instructions on how to use this pizzelle maker and the final verdict. Look no further, this review covers it all.

Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2 Review

The features of a product will often tell you whether the product matches your needs. To not waste your time, this review starts by listing the features of the baker. This section is followed by the temperature regulation provided by the Cuisinart pizzelle maker including the consistency of the pizzelle maker. You wouldn’t want an unevenly baked cookie, would you?

Next, I will show you how easy it is to use and to clean due to added features and the non-stick baking plates.

Finally, I will cover the two cons I could find. The latch this Cuisinart pizzelle maker comes with and the thickness of the resulting cookies.

For more information check out our comparison of this iron with another popular Cuisinart pizzelle maker that also makes crêpes and pancakes!

Let’s start with the features!

Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker Features

This appliance:

  • Bakes two thin 4-inch pizzelles at a time.
  • Stamps 2 decorative patterns on each pizzelle.
  • Comes with a measuring spoon and a rolling dowel to create cannoli.
  • Contains a locking lid that ensures even browning.
  • And it can be stored upright.

Complete Control with Temperature Regulation

Due to differences in personal preferences, Cuisinart included 5 browning levels. In case you think your pizzelles are not brown enough once the light indicates the pizzelles are done, the solution is as easy as turning the iron a level higher to get the result you want!

The appliance comes with a latch, therefore the baking plates close tightly. This ensures consistent baking as both sides of the Italian cookies completely touch a baking plate.

Furthermore, this iron comes with a ready light. The light indicates when it is hot enough to be used. You do not have to wait long as it heats up quickly!

Extremely Easy and No Hard Work Required:

Cuisinart seems to really have focused on taking all the hard work out for you. There is a light indicating the baker is ready to be used. Once you place the dough on the baking plates and close the lid the light turns off. It’s only a matter of waiting for the light to turn on again and the cookies are done!

Utensils are included

Additionally, the measuring spoon ensures the perfect amount of batter for each of these Italian cookies! This means each treat has to bake the same amount of time. You don’t have to worry about whether or not they need a few seconds more.

In case you really value ease of use I suggest you check out our Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker review. I found this pizzelle iron scores best on all categories, including ease of use.

The cookies are easily removed without breakage.

After baking the cookies you can easily remove them from the baking plates without breaking them. The reason being the non-stick property of the baking plates. Not only does it allow you to easily remove your cookies, it also makes cleanup a dream instead of a nightmare! Simply wipe the baking plates with a slightly damp cloth or paper towel once the Cuisinart pizzelle maker has cooled down.

Note: Make sure not to use harsh soap or too much water to clean the surface. The soap might damage the baking plates. You do not even need to use soap to clean the plates. This I learned of other users on amazon.

Check out the amazon page to read more tips and tricks concerning this pizzelle maker. 

Create cannoli with the included rolling dowel.

When you remove the Italian cookies from the baking plates one option is to let the cookies cool off on a cooling rack. Another option is for you to take it a step further and roll them into cones and cannoli. The rolling dowel comes with this Cuisinart pizzelle maker and is therefore the perfect size to roll the cookies.

Several Cons of the Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker:

Overall this Cuisinart pizzelle maker scores very well. However, I found 2 cons I wanted to share with you.

The Latch is Not Very Sturdy

The first con is the quality of the latch. The latch is made of quite fragile plastic causing is to break if you are not careful. A note to Cuisinart: It would be a great improvement to provide their pizzelle maker with a higher quality latch. The latch is an important aspect of the appliance. Without one the baking plates do not close as tightly. It is not very preferable to press the lid down with a brick or two, is it?

Thick cookies? Only if that is your preference.

The second con is the thickness of the Italian cookies. Personally, I like my pizzelles very thin and crispy. However, this Cuisinart pizzelle maker results in a thicker cookie. Also delicious, but not my preference. I noticed that many people like these Italian cookies to be thin, so this characteristic should be kept in mind when considering this kitchen appliance.

Can I Make a Suggestion?

In case you prefer the thin and crispy cookies, you should consider buying the Chef’s Choice 834 or the CucinaPro 220-05ns. Both pizzelle irons also come with a sturdy, high quality latch.

How to use this Iron?

Follow the instructions given in this video to make perfect Italian cookies with the Cuisinart pizzelle maker.

The Final Verdict

This Cuisinart pizzelle maker is one of the best selling pizzelle irons and I can see why. It is very easy to use and clean. It comes with a measuring spoon to ensure an equal amount of batter for each cookie. Additionally, it comes with a rolling dowel to make cannoli! These are only a few of the pros of this appliance.


Unfortunately, this appliance has some cons. The latch can break if handled roughly. So be careful when opening and closing the pizzelle maker. However, do not let this scare you as many people use this Cuisinart pizzelle maker without any problem. In case you prefer a pizzelle maker with a high quality latch, please check out our review of the Chef’s Choice 834 pizzelle maker.

Something else that is worth mentioning is the thickness of the cookies this Cuisinart pizzelle maker creates. They are slightly thicker than standard pizzelles. In case you rather have the normal styled cookies, please have a look at the pizzelle irons mentioned previously or the CucinaPro 220-05NS Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker.

Overall, I am very positive about this iron and I can absolutely recommend it.

Check out the link below to view and purchase this baker on Amazon.com. You will not be disappointed!




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