Top 4 Best CucinaPro Pizzelle Makers: 2017 Buyer’s Guide

Here you will find a buyer’s guide with the best CucinaPro Pizzelle Makers. You read about their differences enabling you to find the iron that fits your needs best.

But first the reason you should consider choosing a CucinaPro pizzelle maker besides the fact that they scores really great on amazon.

When it comes to these Italian treat makers, this manufacturer is known for its focus on safety. In particular safety of the hands when opening the iron. On all CucinaPro pizzelle irons you will find steam guards. These are located near the handles so they steer the steam away from your hands.

Furthermore, it’s worth to mention ease of use which is another aspect they score very well at. All their irons contain a cucinapro pizzelle baker manual as is standard, but it also includes a recipe for you to use. So if you are a beginner, try the recipe provided as customers are very positive about it. Or try one of the Italian pizzelle recipes customers leave in the comments section over at amazon.

Note: Our top choice is the 220-05NS. This non-stick CucinaPro pizzelle maker is not only the most popular iron on amazon, it’s also one of the bestselling products of CucinaPro!

Compare the pizzelle irons in the chart below:

CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker Comparison Chart:

 22005NS CucinaPro Pizzelle MakerCucinaPro Mini Pizzelle Maker22005P CucinaPro Pizzelle MakerKrumkake Baker CucinaPro
Rating4.8 / 5.04.2 / 5.04.0 / 5.04.0 / 5.0
Type2 regular pizzelles4 mini pizzelles2 regular pizzelles2 regular pizzelles

Our Top 4 Choice: Cucinapro Pizzelle Maker Reviews

In this section we will in short describe all main features of the best pizzelle irons and link to our full reviews for more information. The goal is to get you up to speed with all available options so you get a good overview of the current market.

Let’s start with our favourite, which is in turn also the most popular cookie baker sold by CucinaPro.

#1: CucinaPro Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker 220-05NS

Not only is this iron the most popular pizzelle maker on the whole of Amazon, but it’s also one of the bestselling items of CucinaPro. The features that make this happen are as follows:

Thin and crispy cookies

22005NS CucinaPro Pizzelle MakerIt creates two regular sized cookies at once that are thin and crispy as you would expect an Italian grandmother to make. To make them as crispy as possible, make sure to cool you pizzelles on cooling rack before storing them.

Speaking about the final cookies, they also have a very delicate print on them and since they are close to 5 inches, they can be shaped into cannoli, cones and ice cream bowls.

High quality, thick baking plates for evenly baked cookies.

Your cookies will be baked to perfection with the baking plates of this iron. Since they are extra thick, they hold and distribute heat very well, ensuring evenly browned cookies.

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Steam guards

As mentioned before, safety is of importance to CucinaPro. It therefore has steam guards at near the handles, to prevent the steam from touching your hands. It guides the steam to the sides of the iron. This makes it safer to bake these cookies with your kids or grandchildren, which is an ultimate family moment in our opinion!

A good non-stick finish

Last, but certainly not least, the non-stick layer of this cucinapro nonstick pizzelle maker. Which ensures very easy removal of the cookies. So you don’t have to get frustrated at your machine as it will not ruin your cookies. However, as with any non-stick appliance, make sure to use a rubber spatula instead of metal on the baking plates to make it last as long as possible.

For more information, continue reading our CucinaPro 220-05NS pizzelle iron review or check it out over at


#2: Piccolo Pizzelle Baker

Next is the Cucina Pro piccolo pizzelle baker, which is the most popular mini pizzelle iron over at amazon. And for good reason, which is why this baker is our 2nd best iron.

4 Mini Pizzelles at a Time

CucinaPro Mini Pizzelle Maker

This kitchen appliance provides you with four cookies in one go. They are close to 3 inches, which makes them the perfect size for a small cookie. Tip: stack some of these cookies and wrap a bow around them and use it to say thank you to someone you appreciate.

Ultimately Non-stick:

This iron has the same non-stick layer as the non-stick 220-05NS iron, which is our number one choice mentioned above. Therefore it comes with the same benefits: easy removal of your cookies and quick clean-up afterwards.

High quality latch

The latch is also mention worthy, as it is made of metal and not plastic. This really increase its longevity. Which is important as it keeps the lids closed tightly, making the cookies thin.

However, this CucinaPro mini pizzelle maker does take a little while longer to completely bake the cookies compared to our top choice. But this can be put into perspective, as it does give you four at a time. Also, it has similar steam guards as all their irons have.

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Check out our full review using the link above, or visit Amazon for the price and possible combination deals currently offered:


#3: Polished Pizzelle Maker 220-05P

22005P CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker

The 220-05P is another regular sized baker. It’s actually equal to our top choice, the 220-05NS, mentioned above. The difference is the non-stick layer on the baking plates.

For people that don’t like to use appliances with a non-stick layer, this iron was created. It has polished grids, which also provide a non-stick effect. And since pizzelle baker recipes often contain fat in the form of butter or oil, the cookies are often easily removed from these baking plates as well.

Otherwise, this CucinaPro pizzelle maker has the same features as the 220-05NS. It creates thin and crispy cookies, it has extra thick plates and it has steam guards.


#4: Krumkake Baker By Cucina Pro

Krumkake Baker CucinaPro

Last, but not least this Krumkake Baker. A krumkake is the Norwegian version of the Italian pizzelles. When comparing both the krumkake and pizzelle batter, you will notice that the former is much more liquid and the second quite dense. Also the prints are a little less obvious and high than those on pizzelles. However, you can easily make pizzelles on this baker as the main iron is the same.

This CucinaPro Pizzelle maker has a non-stick layer for easy removal and makes two cookies at a time. The clasp is made from metal and the steam guards are also present on this iron. All in all, it is a great alternative for the traditional pizzelle irons and the customer reviews are very positive.


If you are wondering how to make pizzelles, check out this video below: