Top 5 Pizzelle Makers of 2017 – A Look At The Best Pizzelle Makers You Can Buy!

Looking to buy one of the best pizzelle makers, but not sure which ones are worth your money? This article will certainly help you! Here we cover the 5 best pizzelle makers of 2017 and why they are the best available options for you. To start with, we will tell you about the selection criteria used to find the five irons. Afterwards, we will provide you with a complete overview of each one and what score they received per criteria.

Sneak peek: The best pizzelle maker in our opinion and that scored best is the Chef’s Choice 834. It’s not only extremely easy to use and clean. It is also a high quality appliance for in your kitchen. Read more about this iron further down in the article.

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Our selection criteria for the best pizzelle makers

Below we cover the selection criteria used to choose the best pizzelle makers 2017 and why we used those criteria in particular. In short, we used ease of use and clean-up, baking time, resulting cookies , appliance quality and price as selection criteria.

Here’s why we used those criteria:

Ease of Use and Clean-up

In our opinion, baking pizzelles with one of the best pizzelle makers should be a relaxed and enjoyable activity you can do with family or friends. A complicated baking process and cookies that keep sticking to the baking plates over and again completely ruin that relaxed and cosy spirit described above! Therefore ease of use (and clean-up of course) is the number one selection criteria for the best pizzelle makers.

Baking Time

Moving on from the circumstances of baking the cookies to the reason you’re baking them. Not all, but many times you will be grabbing your iron to make cookies for Christmas or some other occasion where there will be many people to share the cookies with. To make life easier, the baking time for the cookies should not be too long.

The Resulting cookies

When picturing a such an italian treat you will most likely think of a thin and crispy cookie. Unfortunately, not all irons create crispy cookies. However the best pizzelle makers should be able to make them. Having a look at the resulting cookies is therefore essential. In case you already have a baker and you don’t get crispy cookies, you might want to switch to a more liquid batter as a thick batter might also be the reason you are getting chewy cookies.

Pizzelle Maker Quality

A good quality pizzelle maker will last you for years to come. On the contrary, a bad quality iron might only last a few uses depending on how careful you are. The latch is often the part that breaks off first, as bad quality appliances often come with a flimsy latch. Once the iron has flaws such as a broken latch or scratched baking plates, the experience of baking cookies will become less enjoyable very fast. Therefore, quality is an important selection criteria for the best pizzelle makers.


Last but not least, the price of the appliance and in particular the value for money. Appliances with a high value for money will be ranked higher than others.

Now it’s time to talk about the top 5 pizzelle irons we selected.

Top 5 Pizzelle Makers of 2017

1st place: Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Pro Express Bake

Best Pizzelle Makers

Chef’s Choice 834

Our top choice best pizzelle maker is the Chef’s Choice 834 Pro Express. In short, the reason is the outstanding scores and performance for all 5 criteria and the great value for money you get. This appliance can be used by both beginners and experienced bakers as usage is very intuitive.

Let’s talk about baking time and the resulting cookies. This iron beats the records as it bakes two cookies within 20 seconds. What is even more noteworthy is that the cookies turn out evenly baked in that short amount of time. Furthermore, the resulting Italian cookies are thin and crispy, which is what most people are looking for.

The quality of the Chef’s Choice 834 is high. Certainly when considering the price. It comes with a sturdy latch, the baking plates are thick and the non-stick coating is of great quality which allows easy removal and clean-up.

For this press we were unable to find cons, unlike the irons mentioned below.

If you were to pick any iron, you should certainly go for the Chef’s Choice 834 as it has proven to be the best pizzelle maker available at the moment.

In case you want to know more about our top 1 choice, check out our complete product review!


2nd place: VillaWare V3600-NS Prego Nonstick Pizzelle Baker

VillaWare V3600-NS Pizzelle Maker

VillaWare V3600-NS Prego Nonstick

VillaWare V3600-NS pizzelle maker is another one of the best pizzelle makers. It scores very well on all 5 criteria.  In particular quality is often the reason this iron is preferred over our top 1.

The reason this iron did not beat the top 1 choice is the length of the cord and the higher price. The cord should have been a little longer in order to work without placement restrictions. For example, I personally prefer to position my cookie maker on the table instead of on the counter, which often requires a longer cable.

But, unless you are like me, this small downside should not withhold you from purchasing this product. It really is one of the best pizzelle makers available to you at the moment. This can be proven by the amount positive comments on the internet about the appliance.

More information about the VillaWare V3600-NS Prego can be found in our full product review or on the product page at


3rd place: CucinaPro Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker 220-05NS

CucinaPro 220-05NS Non-Stick Pizzelle Maker

CucinaPro 220-05NS

The CucinaPro 220-05NS pizzelle maker is one of the best sellers. It has received many positive reviews amongst which is my recent review of the appliance.

A key characteristic of this press is how easy and straightforward it is to handle with as result perfectly crisp cookies. An attribute that should be mentioned are the baking plates. They are made extra-thick to provide even heating. Which translates to even baking.

To finish this section, let’s talk about safety. CucinaPro added steam guards at front of the machine. The guards protect your hands from the steam when opening the lid. This is one of the few cookie irons available that provide such a safety measure.

Continue reading about other characteristics in our complete review of the CucinaPro 220-05NS, one of the best pizzelle makers, or on the product page at


4th place: Cuisinart WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Press

CuisineArt WM-PZ2 Pizzelle Maker

CuisineArt WM-PZ2

Cuisinart calls this appliance the best pizzelle maker and customers seem to agree with them! It is therefore no surprise that it made the top 5 list. Usability is the top feature of this iron followed by the ease with which it can be cleaned. Furthermore, this press comes with a rolling dowel, which allows you to make cannoli. Cannoli are rolled pizzelles that can be filled with cream for example.

If interested, you might want to take a look at our Cuisinart Pizzelle Press Comparison Chart!

Unfortunately, the latch is not of the quality we would like it to be. It needs controlled handling, otherwise it might break. That is the main reason the cookie press is positioned at rank 4 and not higher. Another reason is the thickness of the cookies. They are slightly thicker than the traditional version.

Overall this is a great pizzelle maker to have, but it has some downsides you should take into consideration. For more information you can consult our complete product review of the Cuisinart WM-PZ2 here. Or view it over at amazon:


5th place: Cucina Pro Piccolo Pizzelle Baker

Piccolo CucinaPro Pizzelle Maker

Piccolo CucinaPro

The mini pizzelle maker of Cucina Pro creates four smaller cookies at a time. The size of the cookies is 3 inch, which is nice for a standard cookie. However, they are too small to make cones with. On the positive side, you will be able to make more cookies.

The resulting cookies are thin and crispy, as they should be. The quality of the baking plates and the latch is outstanding. Unfortunately, the heating mechanism does not perform as well as those of other cookie presses mentioned above. A big pro of this mini pizzelle maker is the steam guards at the front of the machine which provide safety when opening the pizzelle maker.

In case you want to know more about the Cucina Pro Piccolo, one of the best pizzelle makers, check out my complete review or the product page at


Concluding words

Hopefully this buyer’s guide showing all the best pizzelle makers helped you choose an iron that fits your needs. For more information about a specific iron, please check out our individual product reviews.

Have a nice day!

Top 5 Pizzelle Makers of 2017 – A Look At The Best Pizzelle Makers You Can Buy!
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Top 5 Pizzelle Makers of 2017 – A Look At The Best Pizzelle Makers You Can Buy!
Looking to buy a new pizzelle maker, but would you first like to know which ones perform best? This article will certainly help you! Here we cover the top 5 pizzelle makers and why they are the best available options for you.