Top 4 VillaWare Pizzelle Makers: The Ultimate Guide 2017 – Best Pizzelle Makers

VillaWare pizzelle maker

You will probably agree with me when I say:

“VillaWare pizzelle makers are one of the BEST irons at the moment.”

But caution is needed when buying one. Since Villaware pizzelle irons differ in quality and characteristics.

Make sure you know which one suits your needs and you will be a happy customer.

This ultimate guide shows you exactly what you need to know about the VillaWare Pizzelle Maker Top 4!

VillaWare Pizzelle Iron – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

1. VillaWare V3600-NS Prego Pizzelle Baker: Non-stick

Villaware Pizzelle Iron

The V3600 Prego series has become popular due to its quality.

Quality of the baking plates or the latch, you ask? Well, this VillaWare v3600-ns prego nonstick pizzelle baker has a great quality overall. The latch as well as the baking plates and heating system are good. The latch is made of metal instead of plastic, which reduces the risk of breakage.

And the heating system?

The heating system is excellent. The baking plates are evenly heated and have a constant temperature due to an automatic thermostat. Which means your cookies turn out perfectly browned and crisp.

The VillaWare pizzelle maker can be stored upright to safe space. Much attention has also gone into the floral pattern on the baking plates. Each cookie is imprinted with a nice floral pattern and the edges of the grooves are rounded to prevent sticking.

Quick Tip: if you like this VillaWare pizzelle maker, the Chef’s Choice 834 Pizzelle Maker might also be a good match for you. Which is the best pizzelle maker of a lower price range in our opinion.

The main product features:

  • Two 5 inch Italian treats every 30 seconds.
  • Creates a traditional floral pattern on each cookie.
  • Xylan non-stick grids with automatic thermostat and “ready” light indicator.
  • Steam Guards to protect your hands
  • Cable wrap
  • Comes with recipes
  • Complies with North American Electrical Standards

Our verdict:

This elegant kitchen appliance is an excellent choice. It will be worth the money.

It makes 2 cookies in 30 seconds, which is quite fast. They are evenly browned.

What is more:

They have the perfect size to be turned into ice cream bowls (cute 1 scoop bowls) or cones.

Were to get the VillaWare Pizzelle Maker V3600-NS Prego? Have a look at the product page over at


2. VillaWare Pizzelle Maker: V3600 Prego


The V3600 Prego is equal to its name sake, the iron mentioned above.

So why mention it separately?

Here is the deal:

It has polished metal baking plates instead of Xylan coated plates. This is good news when you rather avoid non-stick coatings.

Want to know the best part?

Even without the non-stick coating, the baking plates do NOT need to be greased. However, this depends on the recipe you are using.

All else is similar to the V3600-NS Prego VillaWare Pizzelle Maker.


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3. VillaWare Quattro Pizzelle Baker V3850

4 Mini Pizzelle Baker

This is the mini pizzelle iron created by VillaWare.  It has the same non-stick coating as the V3600-NS Prego only this one creates four mini cookies in 30 seconds instead of 2 normal sized ones.


It has the same automatic thermostat. So, worrying about burnt pieces even though the cookies still need a few more seconds is completely in the past.


Now for the kicker:

The mini cookies are a cute 3 ¼ inch!

With that taken into account, you can make an amazing gift out of these cookies. Wrap a bow around them and they will certainly make the receiver smile with gratitude.

This appliance is able to create a very detailed, delicate floral pattern on the treats. Which is something to be impressed with, since they are so small.

If you are interested in the smaller variant, you might want to take a look at this mini pizzelle maker from CucinaPro.

Feature list                        

  • Non-stick baking plates for easy removal and clean-up.
  • Intricate floral pattern imprinted.
  • Recipes and manual included.
  • Steam guards protecting your hands.

Our verdict:

The size of the cookies is cute. However, it does mean that making cones and bowls out of them will be tricky or at least more time consuming than with normal sized pizzelles. If you would like to shape the cookies into cones or cannoli, a regular iron might be a better purchase. For example one of the other Villaware pizzelle makers mentioned in this article.


4. VillaWare Pizzelle Maker: V5000-NS Prima Nonstick

For authentic Italian pizzelles this VillaWare pizzelle maker is your dream. It creates very thin and crisp cookies as I would expect an Italian grandmother to serve.

You will notice from reading reviews on amazon, that many Italian households own this particular villaware pizzelle maker.

And what jumps out:

They are positive to very positive about this appliance and the resulting cookies.

And the recipe that is included in the manual is created by an Italian woman.


The baking plates are heated with tubular heating system, which means it heats up in a matter of minutes. To show when the iron is hot, an indicator light is incorporated in the design. Letting you know when it’s time to start baking.

The design includes a chrome body, steam guards near the front and a metal clasp that tightly closes the iron whilst baking.

Feature list

  • Makes 2 in 30 seconds.
  • Contains an automatic thermostat.
  • Contains a Temperature indicator light
  • Protects hands with added steam guards
  • Even heating with the tubular heating system


Where to buy a villaware pizzelle maker?

A VillaWare pizzelle maker is quite hard to find in store. Your best chance is to get one online.

Some places to look:

  • Amazon
  • Ebay, but their sellers are not guaranteed to sell genuine products.

I would recommend to have a look at their appliances over at amazon first. Since you will be guaranteed to receive the real product.

Furthermore, Amazon often provides discounts and package deals.


In case you have any questions regarding these cookies and their history, have a look at our pizzelle FAQ: What is a pizzelle?

Top 4 VillaWare Pizzelle Makers: The Ultimate Guide 2017 – Best Pizzelle Makers
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Top 4 VillaWare Pizzelle Makers: The Ultimate Guide 2017 – Best Pizzelle Makers
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